Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to everyone!

I’ve spent this weekend reading the last book in Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series, baking, and fighting with the intro for the Better Latte Than Never sequel. Its tentative title for this week is A Shot in the Dark. Amy and her guy are giving me some trouble and I’m also struggling to maintain focus this weekend. I was hoping to be 5,000 words in by the end of today, but I’m only at 1700. I should get back to writing.

Responses to Wrapped in Verdigris started to come in this weekend too and the overall impression is positive, although there are some gaps I need to fill in and some critical points to clarify. The silver lining in this is that it will give me a way to add extra content which will push this out of novella and into short novel length. That opens up whom I can submit this book & hopefully its series to. Wish me luck with the next round of rewriting (which I’ll start after July 15)!

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