Editing Phase 1 Completed

I have finished my editing pass of my current paranormal romance novella and it is now out to beta readers. This is the longest piece I have gotten to this phase so far. At about 42,000 words, Wrapped in Verdigris falls solidly inside novella length. It’s a little too short for some publisher’s paranormal romance submission calls. I’m not sure if I’ll want to add more content and push this over 50k. I’m hoping that the comments from my beta readers will help me decide the next step for this story. I’m also hoping that they love the story as much as I did while writing it. This one was a lot of fun.

In the meantime, I’ve turned back to some shorter pieces that have been teasing my imagination. One story is likely to be a paranormal romance short story around 10 – 15k words. The other is the sequel to Better Latte Than Never. I’m trying to get Amy her happy ending. Although this story may end up longer than Hailey’s. The hero and plot of Latte 2 are giving me some trouble.

I’m continuing to strive for writing or editing daily, and I’m making it to the computer daily most of the time. The trick for me is to do it first thing in the morning before anything else. Otherwise, I never make it around to fitting it into my daily routine. Chores, TV, and reading tend to pull me away unless it’s NaNoWriMo. My writers group has been particularly helpful, as has the Writing Challenge group. The Writing Challenge group promotes writing at least 500 words (or editing for 2 hrs) daily, and will cheer you on over on Twitter (and a few will on FB too). So if you’re looking for some camaraderie, check it out! Unfortunately, I haven’t been tracking my daily progress very closely. I keep meaning to get started.

Once I have Wrapped in Verdigris submitted to publishers, I’m going to need to pick my next big project. I’m going to need to decide between completing Book 2 in the Wrapped series, or shifting to a new series. The options right now for the other series are a contemporary romance series based on characters in the food and alcohol industry, or a paranormal romance series based on a family that owns and runs a curse art museum.

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